Shadow Empire is a Minecraft server project started in April 2012. While our primary emphasis
is on the survival aspect of the game, we also offer two creative worldsheaven and testworld.
Part of heaven dates back to Shadow Empire's predecessors, TreeCraft and MineCommunity, back in 2011.

We run the CraftBukkit server software and have several plugins, such as LWC, which allows you to lock your chests, doors, and furnaces; TradeCraft, which allows you to make easy shops; Lift, which allows you to create easy and working elevators; and Dynmap, a live webmap. We also use a plugin called CraftIRC that enables us to connect the Minecraft server to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel.
Check out our FAQ for more information related to our IRC channel.

If you'd like to see what we're up to, check out our web-based dynmap.

Connection details

You can connect to mc.shadowempire.in.

Like the majority of all Minecraft servers, we are listening on port 25565, but as this is the default port, you shouldn't need to worry about it.


If you have any questions, just look at our FAQ.


If you have any issues and want to contact us, do it as described on the contact page.