About the server

Shadow Empire is a Minecraft server project founded on April 10, 2012, by current server admins The_xy and randomguy650. Shadow Empire started out with the current map setup — earth (survival); heaven (creative). The same worlds that were used on the server in April 2012 are still in use. In addition to that, there was a second creative map that has since been merged with heaven.

Both the founding members were IRC users on the freenode IRC network, and accordingly, Shadow Empire maintains a presence on freenode, using the channel ##shadowempire. A bot with the task of relaying messages between the IRC channel and the Minecraft server has been set up, and as such, you can communicate with Minecraft players through the IRC channel and vice versa. If you are interesting in visiting our IRC channel and are new to IRC, see the contact page for further information.

Ever since its inception, the project has grown steadily and as of October 2012, we have been visited by over 900 unique players. To help enforce the rules, Shadow Empire has a staff team consisting of two admins and four ops who all remain a presence on both the server and our IRC channel. Both admins and two ops are Europeans, whereas the two other ops are American. More detail on our staff team can be seen here.

Fun facts

  • Our survival map is limited to a circle with a diameter of 12,000 blocks. This means that the total area of earth is 113,097,335 blocks (square meters)!
  • Combined, all our maps occupy over 1.9 gigabytes of diskspace (as of July 30, 2015)
  • Our uptime is 99.7%!

Server specs

  • Operating system: Debian 7 64-bit
  • RAM (memory): 32 GB DDR3
  • CPU cores: 4

About our worlds

Terra is our newest map with 1.7 terrain. As a player-vs-environment map, terra is the most used map on Shadow Empire. The map is limited to a circle with the radius of 6,000 blocks, which means that the total surface area of the map is over 113 million blocks! Since PvP is disabled in this map, several players collaborate, and we've done our best to enhance that. For example, the spawn area has a marketplace where players can set up their own stands.

Terra also comes with a survival moded nether map as well as "The End" dimension.

Heaven is our other main map and is Shadow Empire's main creative map. With a radius of 3,000 blocks, heaven has a surface area of over 28 square kilometers. Heaven has lots of awesome builds made by the players of Shadow Empire, including a 1:1 scale replica of the RMS Titanic as well as a Corellian corvette as seen in Star Wars. Heaven is a freebuild world and you can build anywhere, though respect others' builds.

Heaven also contains part of a very old map commonly referred to as the "Mainton map", named after the main town of that map. The Mainton map was started in 2011 on a project called MineCommunity, which has now died and most of the community has moved on to Shadow Empire. Most of Mainton was generated before Minecraft Beta 1.8, meaning that the terrain generation is different. Feel free to check it out by using /warp mainton.

Like the name says, testworld is a world used for testing various things. It is a superflat map whose ground consists of entirely stone, making it ideal for redstone circuits and so on. You can build virtually anything you want in testworld. Hop on and see our creations!