There are multiple ways to get in touch with us. In addition to the easiest way — connecting to the Minecraft server itself — we have alternate methods, including an IRC channel.


Shadow Empire has an IRC channel on the freenode IRC network, named ##shadowempire. All the founding members of Shadow Empire are IRC regulars, and all our ops and admins frequent the IRC channel.

Using the CraftIRC plugin, we have a live feed connecting the Minecraft server with the IRC channel. This allows users to stay in touch with currently online players even when they're not playing themselves.

All our staff members are "voiced" in the channel, meaning they have a + sign before their nickname. As the IRC nick of the users on IRC does not always reflect their in-game name, the voice sign can be used to identify staff members.

Staff IRC nicks

  • randomguy650 — ecks
  • xnrand — xnrand, xnrphone
  • jangeth — jangeth, Jang|Away
  • LostInRiverview — LiR
  • NeedAGoodUsrname — Chiyo, Chiyo-chan
  • TheDanPin — Danny, DanPin


If you have something more private, you can email the admins at staff [at] shadowempire [dot] in. Emails sent to this address can be read by all three admins and we will try to answer you as soon as possible. This is also the address you need to send ban appeal emails to.