Server rules

Shadow Empire is aiming to be a nice and friendly place. To achieve this, the staff team has established some simple rules which you must accept in order to play on our server or to use the IRC room. Rules that aren’t related purely to gameplay apply to the IRC channel as well.

Use common sense. You have a brain, so use it. Don’t try to “go around” the rules, harm the server or deliberately cause trouble.

Keep it civil. Be nice to other users, don’t insult them, don’t swear excessively and clearly label links to NSFW content. Offensive skins and buildings are not allowed in-game.

Don’t abuse the chat. Flooding (e.g. pasting more than 3 lines), nonsense messages, excessive caps or color use, advertising other servers and other spam is something nobody wants. Additionally, please talk English in public chat. You can use private messages for other languages.

Do not grief. Anyone found griefing on the server will be banned instantly. Do not kill players or deliberately cause their death.

Play fair. Do not cheat or exploit bugs, including but not limited to item duplication glitches, on the server. Any client-side modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players are disallowed, if you are unsure whether a modification falls in this category, ask a member of server staff.